Denzel Provides Seemingly Refreshing Take on Self-Righteous Filmmakers


Denzel Washington spoke about how some actors don’t realize just how good they have it, or what “difficult” really means.

Acclaimed actor Denzel Washington has no patience for those who think acting is like going to war, he said during a recent Director’s Roundtable discussion by the Hollywood Reporter.

“People talk about the difficulty of making a movie and I’m like, send your son to Iraq, that’s difficult,” Washington said during the interview. He was joined by Mel Gibson, Oliver Stone, himself a Vietnam War veteran, Barry Jenkins, Damien Chazelle and Mira Nair.

When asked about his first job, and his worst, Washington talked about working as a garbageman  as well as a postman, before hitting on a much larger theme and one that has distanced Hollywood celebrities from the everyday folks who go see their movies:

“It’s like when people talk about the difficulty of making a movie, and I’m like, send your son to Iraq, that’s difficult,” the Oscar winning actor stated. “It’s just a movie. It’s like relax. I don’t play that precious nonsense. Your son got shot in the face. That’s difficult. Making a movie is a luxury. It’s a gift, it’s an opportunity, but most importantly it’s a gift.”


This interview is blowing up over the past couple days in the wake of Meryl Streep’s holier-than-thou nightmare at the Golden Globes. For the record, Denzel’s comments were from a month ago, in regards to Tom Cruise’s ill-advised analogy for filmmaking:

“In 2013, Tom Cruise likened his work on “Oblivion;” which filmed in Louisiana, Iceland, New York, and California; to a tour to Afghanistan”

Tommmyyyy. Probably should’ve kept that one to yourself.

Of course, everyone is talking about how refreshing it is to see a down-to-earth movie star willing to speak their mind. While I definitely agree with Mr. Washington, he is one of the best actors alive (John Q still makes me tear up) who has never gotten full of himself, the fact that Creasy Bear has to address this absurdity illustrates a larger problem. Everything in the United States is being pushed to the extreme and there is no room for discussion about the middle. The back-and-forth usage of “filmmaking vs. WAR” comparisons is freaking nauseating. I am sure making films is terribly difficult. Fighting in the United States military is undoubtedly taxing & has no equal in terms of importance for our nation. But don’t forget about the UPS guy that gets up makes deliveries everyday. Everybody has a part to play. Cut out the drama and in the words of a man that I absolutely despise,

Resultado de imagen para bill belichick do your job

Why can’t everyone just chill out. Whatever happened to Gary Cooper?


P.S. Check out Great site made for & by veterans. Excellent perspective from guys who are the real deal.



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