Jay Bruce Needs to Go


When the Mets obtained Jay Bruce at the trade deadline, they were trying to replicate the magic of 12 months earlier – an imperfect-fit slugger nevertheless elevating the team.

But Bruce was no Yoenis Cespedes. He shared too much in common – including initials – with Jason Bay. Was it because he is a streaky player who simply had gone into a dip? Was it because his temperament was ill-suited for the New York market? Was it a combination?

Either way, the Mets want to trade him and his $13 million 2017 salary, and are operating under a mandate not to spend on the reliever or two they still need until they remove money currently on the payroll – Bruce or otherwise, and otherwise appears to be a nickname for Curtis Granderson.


Writing about the 2017 Mets is a weird feeling for me. I have been rooting for these sons of bitches since my father decided that waterboarding wasn’t a severe enough punishment for me. Despite all the pain that I have experienced, this year is the best that I have ever felt about the New York Metropolitans. The Mets miraculously got back Cespedes, they re-signed Walker whom impressed all before his back injury, Reyes has been a godsend for like 40 bucks & the dream-team rotation should be healthy for 20-30 games before 40% get attacked by sharks and the other 60% get struck by lightning.


Thankfully, this horrific sensation of being cautiously confident about the upcoming season is not without stress. One of the bigger axes that needs to fall is Jay Bruce getting fully peaced from this goddamn team. People will build monuments to how badly Jay Bruce blew it in 2016. I was absolutely riding high when he came in, as most Mets fans were. We had just watched Cespedes save the day (almost) the year before and for the first time in years we had been happy. We should’ve known better, it is in the blood of every Mets fan to expect the worst. My twisted soul cannot help but feel Cespedes’ meteoric rise was all part of the universe teeing up Mets fans for the beatdown that was Jay Bruce.


I am not happy how this turned out, by all accounts Bruce is a great teammate and an even better family man. However, the guy SINGLED OUT New York as a city that he did not want to be traded to. This fact alone is enough to justify every ounce of shade thrown his way. No kid dreams about playing big league ball in Cincinnati, bro. All the haters will say, “no one ever wants to play for the muts… M-E-T-S MY ENTIRE TEAM SUCKS… blah blah blah”. Listen, the Amazins’ play in the most lucrative market in the Western Hemisphere and I know one Cuban that loves Marlboro Reds the Mets more than anything. Sorry, Brucie, you had your 15 minutes and now it’s time for you to take the long walk.


The Mets have bigger fish to fry, namely, the fact that they are in desperate need of middle relief help. Bruce needs to get moved so the Alderson can then bring in some other arms to help out this dangerously-thin bullpen. Unfortunately, Familia started taking marital advice from Reyes and will get suspended for at least 30 games, Addison Reed will now become more over-worked than he already has been, the rest (Josh Edgin, Josh Smoker, Goeddel, etc.) are not capable of cutting it alone and the headlining stars (Harvey, Matz, Syndergaard, de Grom, Wheeler) have had trouble staying healthy all at once. The Mets do not have to break the bank, a few middle-of-the-road guys like Jerry Blevins or Fernando Salas will do. Alderson just needs more bodies to put in between the starters & the Reed/Familia combo to preserve these all-important bookends. Thankfully, Seth Lugo & Robert Gsellman proved that they are more than capable of producing at the major-league level. These guys will be thrown into the fire again and I am confident that they will follow through.

Whatever, Ya Gotta Believe.


UPDATE September 15th, 2017: HAHAHHAHAHA.



Source: http://nypost.com/2017/01/09/mets-cant-afford-to-wait-for-perfect-jay-bruce-trade/


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